Tastes & Traditions of Athens Food Tour

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Join the Tastes & Traditions of Athens Food Tour and unlock the secrets of Greek cuisine with help of your local guide’s. Walk around the old city of Athens and have real food tour, not just food sampling! Taste the best of Greek cuisine like koulouri, mezedes, olives, traditional pies, olive oil, honey, tsipouro, bougatsa, loukoumades and much more! During the walking around Athens you will understand step by step the culture of Greek food, and learn of the eating habits of Athenians.

Try the best Athenian souvlaki and have lunch with meze at a traditional taverna. With this small group tour you will have the opportunity to learn everything about the way of living and eating of the Greeks and the traditional dishes.

The food tour among other includes Dolmades, pastourma, feta and graviera cheese, souvlaki, olives, olive oil tasting, loukoumades, cheese pie, and the famous Kalamata olives!

Get to know and taste Athens’ cuisine on a food walking tour. Find, sample, and hear about gourmet and staple foods you may miss alone. Visit the vibrant Central Market of Athens. Skip breakfast and prepare for the ultimate food experience in Athens!

Koulouri the Greek bagel

You will meet your English-speaking local guide at Syntagma Square and start your tour with a Koulouri. Probably the most preferred street food for Greeks. Think a bagel with sesame but more tasty! Koulouri can be found everywhere in Greece and you can have it as breakfast or a snack during the day. Also you can eat it as a sandwich or with some cheese.

Tyropita (Cheese with phylo pastry) 

Next step a very special Tyropita (cheese pie). This is a Greek favorite for snack or breakfast. Very popular and with different cheese in it the Tyropita is a must eat in Greece. Though this is not just a Tyropita. The specific one has a long history and the recipe is over 100 years old!  You will not taste anything like this one!

Souvlaki, the King of street food Tour

From there our next stop is at the most known food in Greece. It is time for a souvlaki. But not the one you are used to know. This is a very rare one and the best in the city! There is no way that you will have a food tour and not taste this souvlaki! Perfect meat, well cooked and instead of tzatziki a tomato sauce. You will not believe the taste!

Bougatsa, the dessert from the North

From Souvlaki, to Bougatsa. From something salty to something sweet. If you have not heard about it no worries, you will see how it is done and eat it! Phyllo pastry with cream, cinnamon and powder sugar. Crunchy and sweet there are variation for the bougatsa. Also Bougatsa can be filled with chocolate, meat, cheese and spinach.

Tastes & Traditions of Athens Food Tour

Its' time for the big tasting. We will visit a small deli and have a lot of different tastings. We will start with an olive oil tasting, a spicy one from Crete and a soft one from Peloponnese. You will also taste feta cheese, two different elixir vinegars, honey from Crete, olives Kalamon, a Greek white wine and finally a liqueur from Mastic. 

Are you full? Well we just started! It time for some pastourma, tsipouro and dolmadakia. A second deli is waiting for us to complete our tastings of Greek traditional food. 


After the food tastings we will visit the central market and see the products the locals are buying. Also we will go to a taverna, a tour without a taverna is not a tour. After all you are travelling to Greece! We will have mezedes (shared food), some wine and learn about the several different styles of Greek home cooking.


The tour will be concluded with a great dessert, Loukoumades. With honey or with praline, the Greek doughnuts are the perfect way to finish your travel to Greek culinary roads. With Loukoumades the Tastes and Traditions of Athens Food Tour is finished. We will go to the metro station and hope to see you again at our next tour!

As you understand you must skip breakfast and bring your apetite!


  • Traditional homemade pies
  • Private local guide
  • Stroll through off-the-beaten-path areas in the city
  • Discover where Athenians shop and eat in a lively neighborhood
  • Learn about the Mediterranean diet
  • Immerse yourself in the world of Greek food
  • Visit specialty food shops and the bustle of open-air markets
  • Taste unique local delicacies, from olive oils and loukoumades to souvlaki and bougatsa. A dessert cream-filled with filo pastry.
  • Have real food and not just samplings!
  • More than 20 different Greek products and traditional recipes
  • Off-the-beaten-track tavernas, deli and street food places!


Meze shared food at a traditional taverna

Food Tasting

Traditional pies

Private Local Guide

Snacks and desserts

4-hour food walking tour in Athens

The Athens Central Market


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